2008 KC Wizards Jersey: High Quality Picture

Here is the final 2008 Kansas City Wizards Home Jersey. As you can see it is closer to “Wizards Blue” than our photo of the prototype first showed. I love it! What do you think? Buying one? Official Press Release explaining the jersey decision below.

(January 18, 2008) – The Kansas City Wizards announced their new look for the 2008 season today. Kansas City and adidas have worked together to introduce an altered uniform with a slight color evolution that fans and players alike will enjoy.


“When we initially sat down with adidas to discuss the 2008 kit, it was important to both of us that any change in kit color or design should be an evolution, not a revolution,” Wizards Executive Vice President Greg Cotton said. “Our fans embraced Wizards team merchandise like never before last season. In fact, we increased total jersey sales across all markets by over 700 percent last season, the largest increase in team history. This redesign builds on that success, and injects new life and enthusiasm into a powerful Wizards brand.”


The Wizards home kit will feature a cobalt blue background with dark indigo trim and pure yellow piping. Away jerseys will feature a white background with cobalt blue under-sleeve and dark indigo trim. Numbers will be white on the home kid and navy on the away kit.


“Kansas City” will appear in the traditional Wizards font in white on the home kit and in dark indigo on the away kit. The crest has been changed to what was formerly the secondary logo without the rainbow design. The crest is also slightly larger this season. The official game jersey will be 100 percent polyester and features adidas Clima 365 technology.


Replica jerseys will be available for purchase beginning in late February through the Kansas City Wizards offices. For information about the jersey or about carrying Kansas City Wizards merchandise, contact Wizards Merchandising Manager Jacques Tournoy at (913) 387-3407 or by email at jtournoy@kcwizards.com. Image Andy Mead/YCJ


16 Responses

  1. sweet

  2. it doesnt seem the main blue really changed a whole lot. the only part of the jersey i dont like is the dark blue on the body.

  3. Lighting does make a big difference. I like it a ton when Myers is holding it, but it looks kinda weird on the manikin. I’m hoping it is only a case of too tight jersey.

  4. I have a great picture of a Palermo jersey being modelled.

  5. This looks a bit lighter than the practice facility jersey posted last week. It should chill out the guys who are all bent out of shape over the lack of “Wizards Blue”. On the other hand, it’s hard to judge the exact color with lighting on these pics.

    I think it’s a cool jersey either way.

  6. Nice. Can’t wait to see them on the field. March 29!

  7. When can i get one?

  8. super sweet!

  9. I can’t believe this is the number 1 pick. Dude, where’s my surfboard?

  10. dude, what’s mine say?


  11. Anyone else notice the slightly glossy finish on the main chest and lower torso area of the shirt?

    For those that were there, is this a different material or a fabric overlay?

  12. It looks sharp. I’m pretty happy with this.

  13. I still hope they change the logo. There were some really great options from this website. Especially the last group with the dragon and traditional look. Love to see an update of the logos with new colors.

  14. logo change isn’t going to happen.

  15. […] 2008 KC Wizards Jersey: High Quality Picture [image] […]

  16. Dude….He’s from Cali….what do you expect?? a pair of red slippers and a dog named Toto?

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