Chance Myers is #1 Pick

This afternoon the Wizards choose UCLA defender Chance Myers with their number 1 pick rather than the expected Patrick Nyarko. I think this was a poor choice, very disappointed.


7 Responses

  1. Please tell me this is not true! Hair aside we can’t use the #1 pick on a defender that is supposed to be great, see Chris Gbandi for why.

  2. What happened to Nyarko? That really had me excited. I’m so ticked off at OnGoal, other than the stadium they are screwing everything up.

  3. Nyarko has fallen apparently.

  4. Looks like OnGoal is doing just fine since they aren’t the only ones to pass on Nyarko.

  5. well apparently Chance is a M/D so he might be playing wide for us……lets hope nyarko falls to 11 lol that would be sweeet

  6. This is not a good choice. Trade Nick Garcia for a Chance Myers?


  7. ….i dont know…but i played a couple games with him and against him, n thought he was a great player but not the best…there were definately better players around our area….but i guess it was just his dedication and hard work, just how ge says

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