Surprise Number 1 Pick?

Originally posted from Down the Byline. 

From College to the Pros is a great blog dealing with players coming up the college ranks and turning pro. They did a full 4 round mock draft earlier today, not many sites will actually do that. The big rumor from the blog right now is that the Wizards could make a surprise selection with the number 1 pick tomorrow, Tony Beltran. Beltran, a midfielder, did not compete at the combine this past week due to injury, but he was a starter on the U-20 team this past summer that made it to the quarterfinals. Would make for a lot of interesting talk if KC were to take him.


7 Responses

  1. Enough surprises. Take a trade with Houston for Mullan or pick Nyarko.

    Unproven, injured, College midfielder for Garcia?

    Please no.

  2. Please don’t make this mistake. This is our first #1 pick in the SuperDraft era and I’ll be so disappointed if we blow it on some Mario Williams type when there are really high potential guys available.

  3. Who cares about interesting talk, I’d rather have the most interesting player, which the media and blogs have led me to believe is Patrick Nyarko.

  4. Let’s not screw around here. Take Nyarko.

  5. oh I agree, just teak Nyarko

  6. I hope Vermes feel the same way we do, because I would be disappointed if we past on Nyarko now.

  7. I really liked what I saw from Beltran in the U-20’s. I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about any of these players in comparison with each other.

    That said, Mark, Mario Williams has been the most productive player of the top 3 taken in that NFL draft even though it was widely believed to be the greatest draft mistake ever.

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