News Links

Kansas City Star on Garcia Trade, includes interesting quotes from Garcia.

Johnson to Fulham info at Soccer By Ives

Update follow up to Garcia trade, Necessity not desire to make the deal.

Some Q & A with Patrick Nyarko (possible first round pick) from Washington Post


4 Responses

  1. What do we know about Ivan Trujillo? We’ll need an experienced forward right away. Nyarko and Trujillo in a 4-4-2?

  2. Really nothing. No one knows anything about him, but that was also true of Emilio, Toja, Fred, etc last year. I’d love for someone who know Columbian soccer to be able to tell us something.

  3. Trujillo – I have a friend from an online game that lives in Colombia. He said the kid was good but not to expect him to score 20 goals. Then again, I don’t know what the difference is between MLS defenses and Colombian league defenses.

  4. AJF…I think Sealy would start ahead of a rookie.

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