Burciaga Traded to Colorado


Vermes/Onalfo continue to tear apart the Wizards 2007 team, this time sending Burciaga to the Colorado CRapids. It appears they are either going to rely a great deal on rookies or they are clearing cap space for some serious signings. Let’s hope it is the later and somehow related to Onalfo’s trip to Argentina last month. Iván Trujillo shouldn’t cost too much to sign, these next few weeks should be really disappointing or really exciting depending upon what the FO does with this new found cap space. Official Press Release follows.


Official Press Release

The Kansas City Wizards acquired Colorado’s natural 2009 2nd round MLS SuperDraft selection today from the Colorado Rapids for defender Jose Luis Burciaga Jr. Burciaga has spent the last seven seasons in Kansas City, playing in 115 games, scoring 13 goals and adding 17 assists.


“We would like to thank Jose for his service in Kansas City over the last seven seasons,” Wizards Technical Director Peter Vermes said. “His work in the community and on the field has been an asset for this organization and we wish him nothing but the best of luck in Colorado.”


Burciaga played in 23 games last season, the fewest since his breakout year in 2004. He scored two goals and recorded four assists. Rookie midfielder/defender Michael Harrington moved to the back line late in the season to his natural left back position. In 2007, he also started the Jose Luis Burciaga Foundation to benefit underprivileged youth. 


The 2008 MLS SuperDraft takes place at the Baltimore Convention Center (400 Level Ballroom) in Baltimore this Friday. The event begins at 2 p.m. ET and will be carried live by ESPN2 and MLSnet.com.


5 Responses

  1. I’m pretty nervous right now, I’ll confess.

  2. “Tear apart”? That;’s a little dramatic. I’m excited that they are finally making some aggressive moves. As long as they don’t trade Jimmy or Davy, keep dealin’.

  3. A bit upset. Burciaga and Garcia, two guys who seemed to love the city, and who put their effort into the area. Yeah, there are players you want who can add to the field, but it’s nice to have players who add to the community, players who actually enjoy their time in their city. Garcia said he wanted to have his whole career in KC. How many people would say that?
    Then again, who cares if it makes a team better, right?

  4. The more I think about this Burciaga move the more I get ticked. I hate to see Garcia go for sure, but we did get the #1 pick. As for Burciaga, a second round pick next year? It’s an insult to Jose, a guy who rehabbed from two ACL surgeries to play for us. Pretty lame.

  5. The opposite thinking on that is the Wizards kept with him despite two ACL surgeries and lots of missed time.

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