Garcia Traded to San Jose

San Jose gets Nick Garcia who has been with the Wizards since 2000 and Kansas City gets the number 1 overall pick in Fridays MLS SuperDraft. You can read the rest of the info in Pete Grathoff’s Kansas City Star article.
The obvious question is who are the Wizards looking to get in the draft? Early speculation suggest Virginia Tech Forward, Patrick Nyarko (7 goals, 10 assists in 2007) or UC Santa Barbara midfielder, Eric Avila (4 goals, 8 assists in 2007).

10 Responses

  1. Garcia’s been good for us, but he has lost a step recently. I think we picked a good time to unload him and get a good return. I’m really excited to see Nyarko play.

  2. That is assuming that is who we get. We need a Forwards with Eddie flying the coup and Sealy’s mysterious injury and Pore being, well Poor.

  3. No!! He had the coolest hair on the team!

  4. That is some sweet hair, still it’s no Toja.

  5. His wife is a Dr/Dentist in town, what happens to players wives in these situations? It has got to be hard on a family.
    Third on down.

  6. I’ll miss Garcia, I have really enjoyed his play and contribution to the team.

    Does this mean Burciaga back on D?

  7. Rumour is Burciaga is gone too. Traded to Colorado

  8. Nick’s wife is local. They’re going to miss KC housing prices. I wonder if they keep their place here?

  9. Going Away Party anyone?

  10. Whoa. Burciaga too? Where are all the new defenders going to come from?

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