Training Facility Video Tour

This past Friday a good friend of mine (and his children) took a tour of the Wizards state of the art Training facility. It was really great to see where the team spends much of their time preparing for Games and bonding as a group. Thank you Rick Dressel for taking us on the tour and thank you Kyle Rogers for setting this up. This is access that other teams simply do not allow, as a fan I am grateful for their kindness and hope they will continue leading the league when it comes to opening up to their fans. Enjoy the video (remember this is amateur).


4 Responses

  1. Pretty sweet, glad to see the ownership making a commitment to the team. Were there any new road uniforms? (even though they will probably just be plain white.)

  2. Holy crap! Bravo!! That was an AWESOME video!!!!
    If anybody from the Wizard’s FO or player or anyone from the team reads this, I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for letting us look inside your personal world like that. Truly an honor and a privilege!!!

    And to Brian AKA OzCity, THANK YOU so much for going there and reporting this great video and showing it to us!!!! It was truly an awesome thing to see!!

    p.s. I chuckled when one of the kids asked where the beds were LOL good stuff ^_^

  3. those were some very well behaved, charming kids. Their parents should be proud.

    Sweet place. Very nice of Rick and co. to grant the tour.

  4. I think it kinda disappoinmting actually. You can hardly even tell it’s the Wizards facility. The team colours are almost no where to be found (a crappy poster in someones cubicle.

    The fact that it they have apparently changed the teams colours infuriates me.

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