Peter Vermes Up for Soccer Hall of Fame

Here is the complete list. Including Preki and Brian Bliss (last year of eligibility).


8 Responses

  1. Anyone who is upset with our current uniform situation should be very thankful these obscene shorts are no longer worn! Ouch.

  2. Holy Major oversights Oz-Man!

    What about PREKI! The legend is eligible and no mention? You’ve been hanging at Bannister too much.

  3. The are some sweet shorts! I can’t believe anyone was ever comfortable wearing those. I’ve updated the list of KC connections. But Preki doesn’t play for the Wizards, Coach the Wizards or have an office in the training facility like Vermes.

  4. um, no, but he is the greatest former Wizards player ever.

  5. what AJF said. Preki deserves more then just a mentioning for that fact alone.

    And in actually, there are 8 former Wizards on the ballot this year. Vermes, Preki, and Bliss have already been named, but included in list are Mark Chung (96-98), Mike Burns (01-02), Frank Klopas (96-97), Roy Lassiter (01), Mike Sorber (96)

  6. Preki is in a league of his own. Vermes has commited himself to Kansas City and is certainly worth of being pimped as well, but on the field, Preki is the most important player ever to this club.

  7. It’s nice to have dtb and szazzy agree with me on something….cool

  8. I will agree with you too AJF, Preki should be the headline here. Our best player ever should certainly be inducted.

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