Redevelop Bannister Rally

Originally posted at Down the Byline.

Today at Bannister Mall, the rally to support the tearing down and redevelopment of the area occurred outside the old Dillard’s entrance. Which, as you can see, has seen much better days. There was a large crowd there, at least 100-150 people there, many of them with signs against the petition and for the redevelopment of the area. Not bad for only 3 or so days of getting it together, according to Al Brooks, who basically MC’d the rally. Most of the ralliers were local citizens, mainly from one of the local churches. Also there, though, were many community leaders who were in support of the project, including, Chuck Eddy, John Sharp, sixth district rep, Cathy Jolly, sixth district at large, Representative Michael Brown, representatives from both the KCMO and Hickman Mills school district, including Hickman Mills superintendent Marge Williams, along with many others, including cameras from Fox 4, KCTV 5, and KMBC 9 as well as the local print medias.

All of the major leaders spoke about the need for this development and the back handed and lying nature that Richard Tolbert apparently is using to get people to sign the petition to stop this plan. As councilman John Sharp said when he spoke, “The people that don’t want this to happen don’t even live in this area. They live no where near it. The people that are for this are those that live here in the community.”

“We need more here then a flea market.” Sharp continued. “Soccer is the hook to make the retail work.”

Representative Michael Brown spoke again on the states support for this project and that it needed to happen. As one of the other speakers said, “There is a hole in the soul of the sixth district.”

Many of the speakers got the crowd involved, starting “Decline to sign” chants. And call and response asking if Bannister Mall was dead, and if the community deserved this redevelopment. Both of which received resounding yeses from the crowd.

As expected, the opposition, Richard Tolbert and his friends showed up as well. After hanging back from the main group for a little bit, the group moved over to their own area. Putting up a sign saying “Save the Mall.” There were a grand total of 4 of them there. They accomplished the goal that I assumed they’d set out to do though, and that’s to get on the news about their stance, as the news people all went over to talk with them as well after the rally had ended.

Below are a few more pictures of the rally, the first is a lady who let me take a picture of her with her sign. The second is of the entire Save Bannister group. The third is a picture of the rally group right before it started. You can view all the pictures I took at the event here



12 Responses

  1. I’m disappointed they were able to get four people, that means we have four people in this city that are so stupid they shouldn’t be permitted to drive, vote or reproduce.

    On the other hand I’m glad to see there was such a great turnout for the right thing to do for the community. Now let’s blow that mall up quick.

  2. Yeah right…just look at the builidings there now…that area really appreciates economic development and promises to keep good care of whatever is built there.

    Yeah right.

  3. Did anyone get shot at the rally?

  4. Yes I got shot at out there. (rolleyes)

    Seriously the connotations of this area by some people are down right stupid and board line racist.

    The break down there today was probably 50-50 or even 60-40 WHITE.

  5. And Sluggard, yes the fact that the mall has been closed since MAY has nothing to do with the fact that the building is in such bad shape.

  6. tolbert’s sign is so aptly placed. what a douchebag.

  7. Tolbert only has 1/3 of the required votes as of Sunday. He only has one more week, with one weekend in there. He’s toast.

  8. With all due respect down, you say this on your blog:

    From everything I’ve heard, the mall IS pretty much beyond repair. Apparently people have been breaking in, stealing wiring, copper piping and other things inside the mall that would need to be replaced before anything could reopen at the mall.

    Do you think building a nice facility will make the neighborhood stop acting like pirates?

  9. Yet again with the characterization of an entire neighborhood based on the acts of a few people.

    And no, I don’t think the nice facility will do it ON IT”S OWN. But with the new facility come all the extra bells and whistles that come with a new project, the extra police, and extra security that will come in, as the developers will not want their new development to have the same problems that plagued Bannister Mall in it’s later years. Not to mention the fact that the community as a whole won’t stand for the same thing that helped to bring down Bannister. Which was a point made by the speakers at the rally.

    Downtown is going through the same thing that Bannister is going through, just a few steps ahead of Bannister. The redevelopment down there has gone well, even though people said the area was never going to develop into a vibrant area. Just a few years ago, people called downtown dead. Now look at it with the condo construction, the Sprint Center, and the Power and Light District. While not on the same scale as the downtown redevelopment, the Bannister area is a similar undertaking.

    Or for another example look at how well the Legend’s area has turned around preconceived notions of much of WyCo.

  10. Sorry, but downtown and the Legends area are no comparison to the blight of Bannister. We’ll not see eye to eye on this.

  11. Nice article Byline, found it searching for info about Kansas City since I’m moving there soon. Not sure why it came up, but as a soccer fan this site sounded interesting. Now I at least know where not to live. At least not until after they rebuild the area.

  12. Lets not forget that a TIF was used to revitalize that area EXACTLY 10 years to the day before Hypermart closed. Blighted….Revitalized….still blighted…revitalized again. Stop wasting Taxes. Burn it down and plant a corn field.

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