2008 Wizards Jersey: Video

This video is a clip of a larger video of the tour of the Kansas City Wizards training facility. Thank you Wizards for letting us come in and film, the access you have given your fans is amazing and I hope this will continue. The man holding the jersey is Rick Dressel, Director of Team Administration. He showed us around, answered questions and went far beyond I imagine his job description requires. Thank you Wizards and thank you Rick, here is the jersey clip. Check back early next week for full tour video. Also a big thanks to Kyle Rogers, communications assistant who set this up.


4 Responses

  1. dang, was hoping for better lighting.

  2. Sorry about the lighting, it may lighten it a little with better light, but not by much.

  3. Even the ugly rainbow retro jersey is better than this.

    The Deep Blue and Yellow can stay. Are we trying to look like LA Galaxy now? I know their new uniforms look great (and a lot better than what is shown in the video) but we need our own colors and the only thing we should take from LA is the fact that they made a big improvement on their logo and not just a change.

    Get rid of the rainbow, get rid of the LA Galaxy colors, and get a uniform that you dont have to change every year.

    The best way to do that is come up with some designs and let the fans vote on different kits. At least this way you know you will sell some merchandise! Go KC FC (get rid of the Wizards name too)!

  4. ha ha i’m glad i’m not a KC fan. those are ridiculous

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