Oz City Exclusive Interview: Michael Harrington

Not long ago I was able to email some questions via the FO to our two players who recently traveled to China with the US U-23 National team, Aaron Hohlbein and Michael Harrington. I tried to ask a few interesting questions to give our fans a better insight to who theses guys are as well as what it is like to travel with the Nats. Below are Michael Harrington’s answers, click here to check out Hohlbein’s questions as well.

What does a typical day at national team camp look like?
Very intense. Everyone is trying to impress in such a short amount of time it gets extremely competitive.

Do you know most of the guys on the team having played against or with them growing up? If so, which ones?
I knew everyone from somewhere along the road, being youth national teams, college, or youth club.

In what ways is there more or less pressure playing for the national team?
I think there is more because you have a limited amount of time to impress a new coach and get acquainted with a new system and teammates.

What sort of activities do the players take part in when not playing soccer?
There is a lot of card playing. Whether is be poker or the very famous game of “22”. (Oz City: Never heard of this game and internet search revealed nothing)

Harrington, Did your fiancé find our picture funny? (If you haven’t seen the picture, go to this link: http://ozcitysoccer.com/2007/12/07/michael-harrington-engaged/)

She did find it funny and liked the pictures that were used.

What song/album are you listening to most lately?
Kanye West and Kenny Chesney
When in China with the team will you try eating exotic things such as cat?
Not that exotic but I tried a few new things.

Other than the Wizards, what teams (in any sport) do you follow?
Tarheel Basketball! and Steelers Football

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.


2 Responses

  1. Micheal’s replies are more … curt or crisp. But still good to hear from him.

  2. I always wondered if he/she was ok with that wedding picture. It was funny.

    Harrington, if you read this thanks for answering the questions. It sure great as a fan to get to know more about y’all.

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