Wizards Preseason Plans

The Wizards released their preseason plans today. Two points of interest is how early the players report. Jan 26th and the destination for the preseason training trip. Argentina for more than two weeks, this should get them some great competition as they prepare for the season. Let’s hope they send someone to document the trip. I’ll officially volunteer now, but would be ecstatic if they sent someone with the team who gave us updates with video and photos.

Jan. 11-15 Coaching staff in Ft. Lauderdale for MLS Combine
Jan. 18 2008 MLS SuperDraft
Jan. 24 2008 MLS Supplemental Draft
Jan. 26 Players report to Kansas City for preseason training
Feb. 1-16 Preseason training in Bradenton, FL
Feb. 27 – March 14 Preseason training in Argentina

3 Responses

  1. The Wizards did send someone down there. Last year, we had the writings of Kevin Hartman while the trip was going on. They weren’t the most updated, but they gave us an idea of the daily training that was going on and the games that were played down there. Look through the Wizards news archive in Feb of 07 for some of the updates from Argentina.

    After the team was back, season ticket holders got a treat as well, they were given access to a part of the Wizards site for STH only where we could watch two of the games the team played down in Argentina.

  2. That sounds great, guess I need to become a season ticket holder. I expect they’ll do something similar again this year.

  3. one would hope. It was great to watch last season.

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