Win Jose For a Day

There is less than a week left win Jose Burciaga jr. for a day. This is a great way to support the community and Burciaga’s foundation benefiting Hispanic youth and underprivileged students through sports, education, community service and cultural awareness.

Which is great, but I’m sure the part that is really exciting is that two children (and I assume you) also win a tour of the training grounds lead by Burciaga, a mini soccer session coached by Burciaga himself and finallylunch with Burciaga. Plus since you win for the day, you may be able to make him do push-ups while you count. That’s gotta make you feel cool. If I won personally I’d try to talk him into being a ringer on our indoor soccer team.

So if you are able Follow this link to support your community and team by making a bid on Burciaga. Current bid is at$260.


2 Responses

  1. If I could put him on my soccer team I’d be in on this! Anyone know if there are rules preventing him from playing in an indoor/amateur league?

  2. His MLS contract would forbid it. That’s standard for any pro athlete.

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