Oz City Plans for 2008

I thought I’d take a moment and let you know the plans for this site in 2008. While news has been slow recently it should pick up soon with major transfers throughout January and league trades leading into the season. January 18th we’ll pick up a few players in the MLS Supedraft; images of both the Bannister stadium and new jersey should surface leading us up to the pre-season not long after that. Oz City is meant to be more than just a blog though. You might have noticed the static pages in the left column. Those are meant to be reference pages that are easily accessible all the time. Many of you know a great deal about the team, however as new fans are gained they will be looking for info about the team and those pages will be a big help. This will take some time to finish- if you are interested in helping with any of the pages let me know. Now let me tell you about some of the fun things planned for this year.

Practice Reports: I’m hoping to get out to a practice once a week to observe and get a feel for what is going on with the team. I will never reveal anything that will help our opponents, but do hope to gain permission from the Wizards to get Q&A time with players and coach Onalfo from time to time. These reports will be modeled after the ones done on 3rd Degree.net.

Where Are They Now: I’ve found some interesting information out about former Wizards, some big names you’ll remember and others who only played minor roles in the history of the team. Some are still in the world of soccer while others are doing very normal jobs now. I’ll catch you up with what they are up to and get interviews when I am able.

Rumors: We’ll keep up with all transfer rumors involving the Wizards.

New Merchandise: When ever new merchandise goes up for sale we’ll get you photos and info on it.

Links: We will always have links to Wizards news wherever it is found: on other blogs, newspapers, official releases, etc.

Game Reports: M of Down the By Line has said he will provide pre-game and post-game reports which he will be double posting on his blog, down the by line, as well.

Stats/Results: You’ll find a schedule updated at Oz City that tells you info such at TV channel, time, etc. for upcoming games. For past games you’ll find the score, list of who scored in the game and a Man of the Match award.

“Who is ______?”: As we acquire new players we’ll give you a run down on who they are, where they have played, their stats, etc. From time to time we’ll do the same thing with our existing players.

I hope you enjoy keeping up the Wizards through Oz City this year. We will continue covering all things Wizards from fan-made logos to breakdowns of how we finally scored on a corner trick this year.


6 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great year! I’m one of the guys who just read without posting, but wish to say I appreciate this existing, I check it at least once a day.

    Finally it feels like the Wizards are a professional team.

  2. Any chance you can get a video tour of the Training facility? Perhaps you could bid to win Burciaga and record it?

  3. Great job, futuregrace. This will be a one-stop shop for Wizards info (besides BigSoccer, of course 🙂 ).

  4. shoot me an email at stevens ‘dot’ brian ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com

    I’d like to help out with the site.

  5. I have no idea, I’ll ask if I can film the training facility. I was able to peek in when out there for a practice in the fall and it looked great with a big screen TV and all. The shoe room is something I’d like to get a picture of when it is all filled up. Cleats from floor to ceiling on pegs. Looks great.

  6. Here are some of the “raw data” on the training center for you and your readers:
    Square footage of training center……….7,846 sq ft
    Quantity of concrete in training center……2,020,000 lbs
    Miles of wiring throughout training center…….5.9 miles
    Number of lockers…………….37 player & 8 Technical staff

    Sand used to build the Bermuda field…..7,000 tons
    Sand used to build the Bluegrass field…..3,500 tons
    Gallons of paint used to paint the fields each week…20 gal
    Miles mowers drive on playing fields each week…..59 miles
    Miles walked on the field pushing fertilizer….5.4 miles p/wk

    Number of miles players run each day….6 miles
    Number of miles players run in a game….8-10 miles

    Pounds of ice used each day………….500 lbs
    Amount of Gatorade used each day…….10 gallons
    Pounds of weights in the cardio room……3,610 lbs

    Loads of laundry done each day in training center….15 game days / 10 practice days
    Pairs of boots hung in the boot room………..113 pairs
    Pairs of socks washed each day…………40 pairs.

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