Save Bannister

Bring in tons of money to tear down what is worthless and rebuild something nice? Not in our town says group near Bannister. There are reports from many places about a group trying to stop the Bannister Redevelopment. The KC Star recently wrote up an article on the issue. The basic idea is there are residents in the area trying to put a stop to the redevelopment because they think it is better for the community to try and reopen the mall and stores in the surrounding area than to redevelop it. Really it reminds of an old prank of Jimmy Kimmel’s where he convinced a bunch of women to walk around a public place promoting the ending of Women’s Suffrage. I’m guessing there is some influential man in the community playing the role of Kimmel and a bunch of unknowing others who are signing this petition. It does not worry me however for at this point it would be like campaigning to stopping plate tectonics. You can read their article by clicking on the link above.


4 Responses

  1. Are you saying the people are dumb and falling for a Women’s Suffrage type deception?

  2. Actually, Tolbert, the one mentioned in the article is not a resident by the mall. Part of the Save Bannister group is former store owners in the mall, including Woody Woodruff who used to own a flea market there.

    For more on Tolbert, read here:

    For more on Woodruff, read this blog entry I did back in Oct.

  3. that place has been a dump since I attended the mighty Rockhurst College in 1996. TEAR IT DOWN!!!

  4. No more comments about Bannister from me…

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