Jimmy Conrad’s Family

Someone sent in a link to an old blog post by a girl named Jen who attended the last World Cup in Germany. It was of interest to me because it included pictures of some of Jimmy Conrad’s family. So while this post is not a story about a player’s cousin’s bar mitzvahs (sorry AJF) it does let you see some of the important people in one of our star player’s life. In the photo above is Conrad’s brother Dillion on the left, his wife Lindsey in the middle and the blogger Jen on the right. more inside.

The woman on the left is Conrad’s grandmother, Mable, the woman on the right is identified as “superpam.” (turns out she is Conrad’s mom)

I enjoy this sort of thing so if anyone has any off the field pictures of any of our team send them in. The more you know about them the more fun it is to follow the them individually and the team as a whole. After my wife met Conrad at the Marines Pancake thing a while back and experienced what a nice guy he is, she became more interested in him, national team call ups, etc.


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  1. Cool Brother (Jimmy is cutter though), very pretty wife. I like Jen’s tiara. Did you say he has a daughter too? Not here, but in an old post? If so, what is her name?

  2. Hey, somehow my blog “told” me that this post was linking somehow to my site, so here i am visiting!

    SuperPam is Jimmy Conrad’s mom! She’s the best!

    This year, I think back in May or so, Jimmy & wife Lindsey had a baby girl.

    The Conrads & their extended family are just some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I live in Hamburg, Germany (the city that hosted the US World Cup team) and felt very privileged to have been linked up with the Conrads during the festivities.

  3. How did you end up being linked up with them?

  4. Very nice Brian. Touching. Heart-warming. The Conrads are cool, no doubt.

    Hey, I hear Nick Garcia’s great aunt one the BINGO championship at the fire hall last week..any pics of teh awards ceremony?

  5. I believe you mean “won” but knowing you are from Buffalo I understand why you don’t know how to spell won.

  6. “superpam” … man, that busts jimmy up. hilarious. the cauldron should make a sign next season that says something to the effect of: “hey jimmy, win it for superpam!”

  7. To Futuregrace…
    It was the darndest thing – such a series of “coincidences”. I am originally from Orange County, CA (as are the Conrads’) and one of my long-time business associates is a guy named Ken Callan who lives next door to someone in the Conrad family. Ken is a big soccer fan, and we were in touch on some work-related stuff when the World Cup was underway and the US team came to Hamburg. Well, since i was an American living in Hamburg, Ken got me in touch with SuperPam (Jimmy’s mom) when they were in town so that Jimmy’s family would have a local contact during the World Cup. Pam ended up with an extra ticket to the Italy game and invited me… it was a blast! I was also very happy to hang out with “my people” (local Californians)… then Mable (Jimmy’s grandma) got very sick and ended up in the hospital here so I visited her and kept in touch once everyone packed it up and went home.

    All in all, it was loads of fun and I have very fond memories. Jimmy’s uncle (whom i have never met in person) kept me in the loop on stuff over the past year+ and I learned that Jimmy and Lindsay had a baby girl with about the time that we (my husband and I) had our first baby girl here in Hamburg.

    Back to the World Cup, it was AWESOME when Jimmy played in the Italy game and really turned on the juice. It was unbelievable being in the stadium and being a part of the wild excitement – i still get goosebumps thinking about it! The Italians were as shocked as hell that they didn’t kick our a$$ and I was proud to be there. (Also, the Italians liked my tiara and kept calling me their “Regina” [queen] which i liked very very much!)

    Voila !
    It was the most fun we’ve had in Hamburg since i got here!

  8. Check out this blog by Jimmy Conrad (US national Team player) This dude is funny as hell http://www.athletixnation.com/blogs/JimmyC/214. I think he will be blogging here regularly

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