Strange Video

The following is either a homemade video or out takes for the old Wizards commercials. Not sure, but I’m posting it since it is the off season.

Video posted by bihuniak, if you read this bihuniak perhaps you can tell what this is all about.


5 Responses

  1. Dude, you are way too bored. This video is seriously lame.

  2. I’ll see if I can come up with something more interesting.

  3. I believe this was part of a video contest sponsored by Adidas when they released the MLS team theme song CD: Represent: Rock the Pitch. They asked users to submit homemade videos to go along with their team’s theme. They have all the music from the CD for free if you go to their site.



  4. Actually that video is fairly entertaining.

  5. That’s a great fan video. Keep it up!

    AJF, what’s your problem? If fans are into the team enough to make videos like this, that’s a good thing!

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