Good Times…

FC Dallas has on official fan club organization. You join it and get a T-shirt, big photo of team and favorite player, the best part however is the two free tickets to certain away games. I choose the Wizards/FCD game in may for my tickets. I took the weird looking guy on the left (whose name I wont’ mention) with me. He is a big Wizards fan, at the time I was not. I wore my FCD jersey and as we walked in the stadium the guy on the left kept telling me how I was going to be beat up wearing that thing into the game, all the while laughing and teasing.

As we walked I was teased by a few workers and individuals only further stirring up the weird guy on the left, but soon we hit an area with few people and yet we continued to walk to our section. Suddenly out of the section we are walking to comes the guy on the right. No idea who he is, but he is obvious nuts (we need a few like him, costume and all). It is at this moment that he (and I) realized we will be in the away fan section since our tickets came from FCD. Sure enough we walk down to our seats and it is in the middle of 30-40 FCD supporters with the one guy (left) who has been talking trash the whole way sitting awkwardly there in his blue Wizards jersey. Good times…

Now If I can just talk that dude into getting season tickets with me we won’t have to sit in the FCD section.


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  1. Look at all those empty seats! It will be good to be in Community America

  2. Good one Brian. When will I stop seeing that stinking picture. That guy is a pyscho.

    I need to check out these grass seats for $150 before i make my decision..but I’m leaning toward getting the tickets dude.

    Two years of safe game watching until the Bannister era begins…then you’re on your own.

  3. do you really feel unsafe when you have anywhere from 9,999 to 17,999 other people? Get over the insecurity.

    I grew up in the Bannister area, it’s not as bad as you think. Your postings on this topic here and in the past have made you sound exactly like the stereotypical stuck up, Johnson County resident that is scared of their own shadow and won’t go east of Metcalf.

  4. Give him a break, whether you agree with AJF or not his view of Bannister is the same as most Johnson County people’s view of Bannister. If the Wizards are after the JoCo family they have made it difficult by not building in JoCo (I know they tried). Meaning that the Wizards will have to do a good job of convincing families that it is safe to bring their children out to Bannister for a game.

    Perhaps they could start an AD Campaign with slogans like these:

    Bannister: It’s not just for drive-bys anymore.

    Bannister: Safer than Iraq

    Bannister: No lead paint, safe for children

    Bannister: No one has ever been killed here, (then really small) from a snake bite.

    I’m only joking, but there is a reputation of the area that will need to be changed and that will take some time.

  5. There is a reputation, but it’s not 100% accurate. He’s basically bashing an area where I grew up in. That’s why I take offense to his comments about the Bannister area. Wouldn’t you take offense to comments if someone was unfairly bashing an area where you grew up in?

    As I said, his comments are the stereotypical JoCo resident who is too scared of the “ghetto” that is KC proper to go east of Metcalf.

    People said the same thing about downtown and the Sprint Center, that JoCo families would not come downtown for events. Yet plenty of JoCo plates were seen on cars down by the Sprint Center for quite a few of the concerts that have been there since it’s opened (Hannah Montana is one example). Granted they don’t hang around long after the concert, but they do attend. I see Bannister the same way to start. Families will only come out for the game and then leave immediately afterwards.

    That’s one reason why I’m glad this area is being built in phases. The first phase involving the stadium. People will see it’s not as dangerous as their preconceived notions about the area, and by the time the second phase is completed with most of the retail, people will be more willing to come out there for longer periods of time.

  6. Dude, you’re the one who needs to get over your insecurity. I’m mostly kidding. I lived in down town Chicago for 4 years, I played college soccer on a field that was 2 blocks from Cabrini Green, one of the roughest neighborhoods in the U.S. at the time. I watched a gang of teens beat the snot out of an assistant coach and rob a bike my coach was riding. Relax about Bannister, I know it’s not that bad in the big scheme of neighborhoods.

    What you will have to realize, if you really care about the wider KC area embracing the Wizards, is a perception Bannister gives. For many, perception is reality. You can ask the webmaster, we deal with tons of serious soccer players and fans. They have a negative reaction to Bannister.

    Since it’s apparently a go, a major PR campaign needs to happen to correct perceptions. Sorry if I offended you personally, I’d probably react the same way if someone seemed to diss my neighborhood growing up. Beyond that, however, defensiveness won’t help the PR campaign, if your interest is to gain the whole of the KC area’s support for the Wizards.

  7. Yes a PR campaign needs to be done in the area. But PR can only do so much, people have to see for themselves. That’s why I put in that last paragraph in my post above yours. The phase building will help people to get over their insecurities. They’ll come out for just the game, and immediately go home. Eventually they’ll start to realize “hey this area isn’t as bad as we thought” And they may start coming out and doing more things out in that area before the game.

    Where Village West and Community America were built didn’t always have the best connotation in the Metro area. It being in WyCo turned a lot of people off at the beginning. Now after people went out there and realized the area wasn’t so bad it’s become a very popular destination for people. I’m guessing that the Wizards have the same hope for the Bannister area once they start the process of rebuilding the area. This redevelopment isn’t going to turn the areas reputation around immediately, I know that.

    But you’ve come off in your past posts as someone who won’t even give the area a chance. Sorry if that’s not true, but that’s how it comes off.

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