Wizards Gear at Sports Nutz

This is my two year old Beckham after being told, “say cheese!” Again, while at the Legends we checked out the stadium, the T bones store and finally Sports Nutz. I am very impressed with OnGoal for doing what the previous owners were not able to do, get them in this sort of store. It was nice to see our Wizards with 8 billion (I may have miscounted a bit) other teams. Someday we may even have our own online store like FC Dallas just got (www.fcdallasgear.com). As far as the photo above goes, that is the smallest they make currently, I hope they make Toddler sizes of at least shirts in the future. 2T, 3T, 4T. I’ve posted many photos below with some comments.

My wife Laura is due with our second child, a girl on Jan 25th. I would love to buy something like this, but it is cheesy with the “Put me in Coach” phrase on it. I may get one of these for her anyway, but it would be a certain buy if it that one phrase was not on it. For those of you with little boys or one on the way you will see there is a blue version of the same thing at the back.


Beanie hat, simple, nice. I need to get one of these, I have the same design for FCD (before conversion) and I love it on a cold day.


Here are the jerseys. $60 at this store, but only long sleeve versions, unless you get that odd navy and yellow version of the uniform (it also has an ugly crest and my son’s name on it, weird, not sure why it is in the Wizards section). The more I think about the LA jersey the more I wonder if Herbalife is brilliant because their name is everywhere or morons because as big a fan as I am I still don’t know what they sell/do.


This is and the picture above show the entire selection. I hope they will add balls or something more fun and kid friendly considering how low all this stuff is to the floor.

I know, stupid stuff, but if your obsessed you are still reading. You can see there are hats and mugs here as well, plus a set of four beer glasses at the bottom left.


10 Responses

  1. The Wizards do have an online store like Dallas’.


  2. I thought that was just an independant company that sells Wizards gear like soccer.com

  3. The Wizards advertise it like it’s an official store. And it has all the stuff that the Wizards sell on game day at the stadium, not just the bare minimum like you’d expect from most independent company’s. Although you could very well be right.

  4. Either way, it seems to do the same thing, just doesn’t look as cool as having a personalized web address like kcwizardsgear.com or something.

  5. Your kid is named Beckham?

  6. Man…what’s your next kid’s name going to be? Blanco? Eddie? Juan Pablo?

    Oh my OCD.

    You’re scaring me.

  7. Yes, his name is Beckham, but this was before he decided to come over the pond. My wife is pregnant with a girl now, we are going to name her Mia, just kidding.

  8. damnit jd, you beat jimmy to it. it took jimmy awhile to understand that first sentence because of the poor use of punctuation coupled with the incomprehensible reality that someone named their child ‘beckham.’

    jimmy’s gonna name his first child after preki. little radosavljević is gonna be the best soccer player ever!!!

  9. oh, nice tip on the long sleeve jerseys for only $60, though. that really is a steal. you didn’t happen to see if they had any in 2xl, did ya?

  10. Sorry, I wasn’t taking inventory, there was quite a variety though.

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