Wizards Gear at T Bones Official Store

While shopping with my wife at the Legends yesterday I was less bored than usual knowing there were two stores carrying Wizards gear now. I’m still baffled how there is nothing Wizards related in the Adidas store, but OnGoal is making progress getting in to both the TBones official store and Sports Nutz. This post has pictures and information regarding the T Bones store.

The store is small and carries no Wizards clothing items at all. The glass case you see above is the entirety of the Wizards items for sale. Here are a few of the items up close.

This is something I had never seen before, it is a girls bracelet with an elastic band so that it fits a wide variety of wrist sizes.


Here is a 6-8 inch tall cut out of Jimmy Conrad and a coffee mug, If Wizards Merchandise people read this, please make a big coffee mug. I do love the way it has the team name on both sides rather than just one. I may get one of these anyway, but a big mug is the only way to go.


A puzzle of Jimmy Conrad, 150 pieces. This could be fun for a child, it also makes a good fan item if you put it together and smear Elmers glue on the front of the puzzle it drys clear and can be hung on a wall.


Here is a Pendant and a 3×5 foot flag. The flag is $25 and is great for a wall or outside your house.


Here is a plush toy and some cups. As far as cups go it seems like the best idea would be to make a cool beer stein of some sort, I would expect a bunch of people to purchase it, but the die-hards likely would. Personally I’d like to get some basic/cheap reusable plastic cups that are sold in groups of 6 or so.


This is very fancy.



Nice items here that are priced the same as the official online store. For more info on merchandise check out our Wizards Merchandise Guide


8 Responses

  1. I got my daughter the bracelet. She loves it.

  2. Nice, I live close to the Legends, I may go do some Christmas shopping Saturday out there.

  3. Did you get any pictures of Sportz Nutz? Also any idea if the other Sportz Nutz have Wizards gear as well?

  4. Did it have any Wizards scarfs there?? I seriously can’t find one anywhere!

  5. Oops. I didn’t read the whole blog. Guess I’m still out of luck 😦

  6. I’d like to get a scarf as well, anyone know where one can be found?

  7. If we are listing off things we’d like here, I’d like a non-zipper hoodie that is blue. That and a pink Wizards ball for my daugher.

  8. not sure if you wanted one you could buy online or not, but you can order the one sold at the stadium here http://www.kcnation.com/Wizards-Stadium-Scarf?sc=14&category=730

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