More of Community America (Video)

I was at the Legends again today and made a special stop at Community America Park to check it out now that the lines had been drawn. The logo in the middle of the field looks great, I hope they keep for the season. It would be a great thing if other MLS teams placed their logo in the circle as well. Anyway check out the video inside, it includes a cheesy Oz City TV title.

You can see the different seating locations here, the location of the Cauldron is marked on the video, my understanding is that it is the grass triangle and it will be converted into bleachers. If I’m wrong someone correct that info in the comments. Anyway, full season tickets to that section are $299. Going back gave me a little perspective and I really think this will be a fun time in the teams history. The place should be easy to fill up giving it atmosphere and their isn’t a bad seat in the place.


13 Responses

  1. Well done, glad to have some video out there for people to get a better idea of the layout.

  2. you’re insnane if you really want the team logo in the center circle. it’s also against fifa regulations, if jimmy isn’t mistaken.

  3. InsNane? =/ ?

    It may not be “fifa” regulation but it sure does look good 🙂

    Chalk it up to different tastes I guess, not insNanity 😛

  4. I don’t think Jimmy is every mistaken. You may be right, and I imagine it is only there for the season ticket events, but I do like it. Gives a “home field” feel.

  5. Nice work again! I like how you get pictures and video of everything. How steep does the $150 hill feel? Will people sit or stand there? Cause it might be fun to sit on it, not many professional sports you can go to and sit on a grass hill.

    I’d be interested in those if I could know for sure there would be room to sit on the hill.

  6. Bob G., the berm is about a 45 degree pitch, and it feels every bit of that. And it will be sitting only (except probably down at the bottom along the wall I would suspect).

  7. Oh my copyright violation…I can’t believe you posted that picture.

  8. Great work on the blog. To be honest, I’ve never really been very interested in the Wizards as I live in Texas, but a good MLS blog is always a good read. Maybe someday you’ll be up there in readership with Buzz Carrick.

    I did see the Wizards play in 2003 against the Earthquakes. I think there were over 30,000 people there.

  9. Bob,

    There’s as much room as there is. We ave a number for the capacity of those berms, and that’s what we’re selling.

  10. I’m curious how you keep getting inside the stadium….don’t they keep the gates locked?

  11. Can you reveal the number of seats on the berm? Is it figured with people sitting or standing?

  12. I’m sneaky. Really I walked through the open gates, looked for someone to ask for permission from and when I couldn’t find someone I just walked out there. There is no need of security though, it is a field and I’d be shocked if someone wasn’t watching me from a distance just to be sure. There are windows everywhere.

  13. […] Beckham after being told, “say cheese!” Again, while at the Legends we checked out the stadium, the T bones store and finally Sports Nutz. I am very impressed with OnGoal for doing what the […]

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