Blue and Yellow: Match Made in Heaven

As we reach one of the slowest sections of the off season I thought now would be a good time to consider the physical look of our team. While we don’t know exactly what the new Wizards Jersey will look like, we do know that it will include yellow in the design. Yellow is also included on the new Season ticket pamphlets. While this concerned me at first, I’ve now come to be really excited about yellow being in our jersey and even more excited that OnGoal may be moving to changing our colors from only the traditional blue, black and white to those three plus yellow. This added color goes well with blue and will give the team a wider range of product designs, identity and uniqueness.




More importantly though it will give the fans a greater ability to identify our team by colors alone. Right now We are blue, but blue alone doesn’t make anyone in KC think Wizards, It is kinda Royals, kinda KU, but few will think of the Wizards when they see blue paired with only white and black. Now imagine blue and yellow is our color.

Suddenly every time you see those colors together you will think of the Wizards whether the logo and/or name is on that object or not. At games the Crazies can help blanket the Cauldron area with blue and yellow like the Club America photo above. Yes it can be done with just one color, but one color alone never gives the same effect of really representing the team as two distinct colors together.

Let me be clear when I say I like the idea of our colors being blue and yellow I mean in same fashion of Club America (minus the red) not the navy and gold that are currently the Galaxy’s colors. Those are dull and boring, CA’s blue and yellow are bright and lively. Check out these jerseys. It would be wonderful to see our away jersey yellow instead of white or grey like most of the league.







Beyond Jerseys it would be fun to find a blue and yellow anything and have that sense of supporting your team by choosing the specific color combination regardless of whether the team makes the product or not.

I realize much of what I have said here would be true of any other color combination as well, but I thought we should look at blue and yellow because we know that our new jersey will feature those two colors. If we took the shades of blue and yellow shown in these pictures then we would really have something unique in the American sports landscape. It would also go well with the Wizards theme, how many times have you seen yellow stars with a wizard’s hat (If look below I know your answer is now is at least once)? I know many of you are set on us being blue and blue or blue and white, frankly that is boring. Chelsea is that, their fans look boring. Besides the Royals are already Blue, Black, White and the Wizards must distinguish themselves from the other professional teams in the metropolitan area.

Let me ask you this, assuming OnGoal is going to add a color to our blue to distinguish the Wizards from the Royals, what color would you prefer be added? Yellow? Green? Red? Pink? Orange? etc? I believe yellow is the only way to go.


11 Responses

  1. I dig, I wouldn’t mind the Cauldron covered in blue and yellow. It would take some getting used to, but in the end I might really dig it.

  2. How do we know for sure that there is going to be an additional color added? Has Robb mentioned it on BigSoccer, or are we just going by what Pete Grathoff said that Jose Burciaga told him last summer? I won’t believe it until I see it on the Wizards website or until Robb mentions it on BS. I hope we keep our traditional colors…no yellow.

  3. How again do we know it’s gonna be blue and yellow?

  4. That said, I don’t mind if it’s blue and yellow. Just want to know what you base it off of.

  5. It is based on knowing there is yellow featured on the new home jersey. That has been supported by many who are within OnGoal. The change of colors in general is speculation, thought it seems to have weight since it is already seen in the Season ticket pamphlet and on the jersey. Remember this is just off season talk.

  6. i understand it’s “off season” talk… so that would indicate from you that it’s just speculation but you write it as fact. It’s my only peeve about your site.

    Why not put in the story above that someone from OnGoal told you this if they did? If you know, then have you seen the jersey? I dont’ think that Yellow in the pamplet is any indication – in fact, IIRC, what you refer to there has other colors in it too… colors from the old “not a rainbow” logo.

    Do you see what I mean?

    If you wrote this to be an opinion piece, well, that’s cool, but it jsut doesn’t seem to be written that way.

  7. Well done on getting the scoop that will be some yellow in the new jersey.

    It is confirmed here for those who haven’t seen it yet.

    I am going to reserve judgement on whether I like it or not until I actually see it.

  8. “I am going to reserve judgement on whether I like it or not until I actually see it.”

    How eminently reasonable.

  9. I am nothing but reasonable.

    Hey, any movement away from the blue and white of Everton and Chelsea is good with me! 😉

  10. Aw man. For those in Wichita, blue and yellow are Northwest’s colors! EVIL!

    But I suppose I can make an exemption for the Wizards. I just hope we pick colors and STICK with them instead of switching around every year or two. Blue and yellow? FINE. NEVER change it again. LEAVE it.

  11. When is the shirt going to be released?

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