Oz City Round Up

Down the Byline covers news of the Borgetti rumor refusing to die. Read it here.

The official site has posted an mp3 of President Robb Heineman answering questions about the new stadium deal. You can here the mp3 by clicking here or download by right clicking and chosing “save as” or “save target as.”

MLS Underground has covered the Pain in the Butt or Heart of the team article, the comments are an interesting read as it takes it beyond the Cauldron and looks at the question league wide. Read it here.

The KC Star wrote an article on fans picking out their seats last week. Check it out.

The Wizards Jersey History page has been updated, not sure how many are still missing. Here is the link.


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for these updates, I’d miss half this stuff if not for these.

  2. There is a long time Wizards fan that has puts out a great email blast every day. He finds all sorts of articles that I’d never catch, and he’s great about sending it out every morning really early.

    I don’t want to give out his email, and he doesn’t post on bigsoccer, but you should definitely get on George’s list.

    He also might be the most talented man on a grill I’ve ever met.

    Anyone who eats regularly at Cauldron tailgates can tell you.

  3. Here’s one in Italian he found today covering the old Kansas City Spurs.


  4. That article is not just about the Spurs, but all of pro soccer in the city before the Wizards, including the Comets and the Attack.

  5. could you ask if my email could be added to his list?

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