Wizards Name/Logo/Colors Future

I was an FCD fan during their transition to a new stadium and a new brand/logo/name. They left their history in the dust and moved on to a new name, new colors and a new logo. There is a remnant of the old with the flame on the forehead of the bull, but that is all. With the recent approval of the Bannister stadium it has me wondering what the Wizards will do with their 12 year history. Will we be cheering on FCKC in a few years? Let’s hope not since the letter “U” could make for embarrassing signs. Will we be the Wizards but find our team crowds full of green and black or navy and yellow or some other color? or will we simply have a new logo?That is what I hope OnGoal does with our Wizards. In 1995 when rumor says Nike was hired to name the 10 teams of the new American soccer league they did a terrible job. Many of the names are thankfully no longer in existence. KC Wiz, San Jose Clash, Dallas Burn, NY Metrostars, Tampa Bay Mutiny among those no longer used by their respective teams. The Wiz extended their name to the Wizards the next season immediately giving them, in my opinion, one of the better names in the league. DC United, LA Galaxy and KC Wizards are all fine names. Below is a photo of the original teams.

So, this brings me to the original question, what will the Wizards’ ownership group do with our name and colors when they “rebrand” to open the new stadium? I hope they will do two things, keep our color blue and keep our name Wizards. The current logo is better than the historical one with the rainbow, but still not a memorable/classic logo.

Old Style Logo (click on image to enlarge)

Current Logo

I hope the only thing done is a new blue theme incorporating a few different shades and a new logo. I believe the new logo should be shaped like a badge to give us the classic yet modern soccer image, perhaps like on of the badges/crest below.

It is inevitable that their will be some degree of rebranding to the team, what would break your heart if it changed? What are you hoping will change?


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  1. I’ve softened on my stance a bit that the Wizards name absolutely has to be changed in a new stadium though I still favor it. The ownership group has started to slowly restore pride in the club for a lot of people, and “Wizards” has good market awareness. Unfortunately, that means they’ve also made up a lot of minds so far.

    The connections to the Wiz, rainbow unis, a Hollywood movie that many locals don’t like being associated with, and 12 years of bad impressions have me leaning towards a clean break.

    If the owners want a traditional soccer name for the club, I think ACKC rolls off the tongue and is catchy enough that it could be used as a default nickname in the media. It avoids easy jokes on the team like KCFC would. The Athletic Club part doesn’t make a lot of sense over here either

    As I’m sure you read in Dallas future, this was a problem that the less savvy fans and media had that didn’t know how to refer casually FC Dallas. The fan derived nicknames just don’t seem to work to get that name out unless there are a lot more fans.

    Toronto FC did not seem to have that same problem as much, though there was discussion in the media. They quickly defaulted to TFC.

    If the owners feel we need to have more of an American sports nickname, but want to change, the name that keeps growing on me more and more is returning to the NASL roots and going back to Kansas City Spurs.

    Legitimate connection to the city through soccer and our history with the stockyards. Has a bit of Euro flavor that will appeal to EPL fans.

  2. Man, those are some sweet mullets in that picture!

  3. honestly, I don’t think the Wizards should get a name change any time soon…maybe 10 years down the road if something calls for a change…

    but a logo change, yes. The Wizards like a couple other clubs have failed to realize the power of a good logo in soccer…it will come though with that new stadium!!

  4. Well, I don’t think anyone can deny that the Wizards have struggled in comparison to a lot of MLS attendance wise, and the teams branding is at least a minor part of that.

    I think the logo is the most important marketing tool they have that doesn’t suit up. Reconciling the name Wizards with that is tough.

    How do you represent the name Wizards in the logo? Going LOTR/Harry Potter/D&D is ghey with a capital gh (or not). It might sell well with that ever-important “I own an airbrushed wolf t-shirt” demographic. Rainbows/Wizards of Oz references have their baggage as well.

    I want our logo to be more classic and less NBA. FC Dallas has a good badge, but I’d go even more traditional. Colors, stripes, something simple that has class.

    You go traditional with it, ignore the name, and it still could come off like that. The current logo does a good job of downplaying the mascot name, but it’s too bland to ever be compelling.

    Hopefully the designer is talented enough to figure something out.

    I want to be the team that has the merchandise that sells well even if they hate us just because it looks so damn good. I think the Fire and DC have done the best job of that so far.

    It’s good for business which is good for buying players.

  5. Keep the blue! Please do not darken it or change it, or add another nasty color to it, like yellow. Blue and white….simple, and no other team has it.

  6. If we keep a royal/bright blue I like the addition of yellow. It would make the Cauldron stand out more, though we’d need to get new flags.

  7. I don’t like the yellow on the dark jersey like the mock up, but I would like it with a light blue.

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