Giving Up On Being A Quitter

I simply can not stay away. I’ve thought about this site and it can be and ought to be a joyous hobby.I will slow down a bit and make sure this sight is never my top priority. I should also mention I’m going to have to use images on the web from time to time. If asked to remove them by the owner I will immediately, I will not use YCJ photos without permission. I do hope that permission may be granted from time to time as the few pictures of theirs I have looked at are great pictures. I’ve apologized to the individual I have wronged and I believe he has forgiven me, now we move on to covering the Wizards, but please, myself included, let’s not be bigger jerks online than we are in person simply because of the anonymity it provides. I know, not much of a break, I do plan to slow down though there are a few logo based post coming this week.


6 Responses

  1. bravo. good to hear. On to discussing whether our backline is overrated, who’s going to score goals for us, figuring out how the growth of the youth academy programs are coming.

  2. Obviously it’s easy for me to say it, but I’d hate it if you slowed down too much because that’s a big part of the blog’s success so far. It keeps people coming back.

  3. i’ve been checking your blog nearly everyday. i’m glad you’re still at it.

  4. Perhaps consider google adsense stuff for the site, if it’s possible. Try to generate some revenue to help with achieving the licensing of photos.

    Perhaps from time to time I’ll be able to contribute some of my sub-standard photography, but as being an amateur I can give away my stuff and not have to worry about it. Of course, as with everything, you get what you pay for 😉

  5. I’ll take it! Send in some of your favorites or open a account (free) to post them and I can link to them for everyone to look at.

  6. welcome back

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