UK Offering Old Wizards Jerseys?

There is a website in the UK offering some of the ugly, though endearing, jerseys of our past for sale. The cost ranges from 20 to 40 pounds though I don’t know how many US dollars that is.

note: I don’t know who took these pictures, if it was you kindly let me know and I’d gladly give you credit for it.

You can see all the Wizards jerseys here.


12 Responses

  1. I’d like to given credit for those photos. Please add NB to the byline. Do it NOW or I’m going to sue too!

  2. lol…looks like you got some love on a fellow kc blog,

  3. 40-80 quid is 80-160 USD.

  4. I have the one in the top left.

    We tried an old school jersey night last season, but I didn’t hear about it.

    Need to do it again next season so I can break out the black

  5. It would be cool if MLS made limited number of throwback jerseys to sell, I wonder if that would require Nike’s permission or not. I guess we could ask Wade about that. šŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for giving some love to the history of Wizards jerseys. I’ve often wondered why the official website never did the same. Although it may have been out of embarrassment….understandable. That said, the upper left one had some character and wasn’t that bad. I also liked the old white ones with the multi stripes underneath the arms (not pictured).

  7. We need this site!

    just last month I spent an hour trying to find pictures of these uniforms to show my room mate who is just now learning the greatness of soccer.

  8. I would buy one of these now, they were so ugly at the time, but now they are really cool. I can only think of one team with a worse jersey history and that is the Astros in baseball. The orange stripes in the 80s were atrocious. Those are kinda cool now too though.

    Perhaps the every position wears a different color in baseball experiment should be included in this as well.

    Seriously though, can anyone name a soccer team with a worse jersey history than ours?

  9. the worst jersey jimmy’s ever seen was one for atletico bilbao. those who know… know. those who don’t, need to to run away before they find a picture of it and their eyes start bleeding.

  10. also, werder bremen don’t have the easiest task to make attractive jersey with their color scheme. it’d be much easier to just throw up on a shirt and call it a day.

  11. You are right, werder bremen jerseys are quite ugly.

  12. Guuuu.. ..ewww!

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