Mock Up of Possible 2008 Wizards Jersey


This is an edited version of the 2007/2008 Chelsea jersey which I believe is similar to the 2008 version of the Wizards home jersey. My personal preference would be for a lighter Argentinian/power blue or for a bright green to accompany the blue rather than yellow, however there is a good chance the jersey will look similar to the one above.


27 Responses

  1. I hope it isn’t really that dark. I like the addition of the yellow, reminds me a little of the old Miami Fusion. Will they rebrand completely with the new stadium? Keep name and colors with new logo or same name new colors, etc?

    I don’t care much for the blue and green idea, but would love for us to be green, white and black like the colors on the book Wicked, but not because of the Wizard of Oz connection, just think it would be unique to not only MLS, but also the whole world.

  2. Please explain how “there is a good chance the jersey will look similar to the one above”. Why do you believe this is what the jersey will look like? Did you see one? Did someone tell you? Or is this just like the Davy Arnaud thing where we just have to “trust you”?

  3. If you must know the Davy Arnaud came from talking to the three players (Conrad, Raybould, Garcia) at the Marines vs Wizards Toys for Tots thing. It did not appear to be a secret, but I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. I’m surprised there has been nothing officially announced.

    As far as the jersey goes, just wait, and see. I have reason to believe this, like I said it is not my personal preference. If I were to do that it would be light/baby blue.

  4. Last January when he had surgery, there was nothing ever officially announced by the team. I believe that is true, nothing came up in my Google search.

  5. That mock-up looks like the LA Galaxy home jersey..

  6. You’re wrong. The 2008 jersey looks nothing like this.

    – Somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about.

  7. please stop making stuff up. you have no basis for your “article” here. no basis for your design. no basis for anything.

  8. sure he does anon. his basis is his wild imagination.

  9. Some of you sure get upset over silly things. Anon, if you know why don’t you enlighten us with what it really looks like.

  10. I agree with Marty. Step up to the plate and show that you’ve actually got some info instead of acting like a Grade A prick.

    Great job with this blog, futuregrace. I check it every day, since its hard to get Wizards info down here in Tallahassee.

  11. Anon/Jimmy, you’re acting like 4th grade bully’s. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong don’t get all bent out of shape over it. This is not professional journalism.

  12. Geez, I hope this is not our jersey. We don’t want to look like Galaxy-wannabe’s. KEEP OUR BLUE COLOR, PLEASE!

  13. Marty, anon. may be bound by work or contract with the team in that regard. It could be a team employee that knows that the uniform looks like but can’t say exactly what it will look like because of his job.

    He’s just saying that the jersey will not look like that. Whether that’s true or not is yet to be seen. Whether that guy is in the know or not is yet to be seen, we’ll find out when the jersey is seen for the first time.

  14. Anon/Jimmy = in serious need of lives…

    Good job webmaster, don’t let these losers get you down.

  15. wow i hope thats not it.
    what color of blue are we anyway… shouldn’t we have an official color. and not “wizards” Blue either, thats such a cop out.

    and I say keep the news/rumors coming.
    I think we can all use more KC wizards coverage.

  16. I actually don’t mind this mock-up – It looks professional – I would prefer to just have the logo on the front – I don’t see a need to have Kansas City across the chest – w/o the city, there is room for the jersey sponser. I am not a big fan of jersey sponsers, but money is money . . . and the lack of it has always killed soccer in America.

  17. should we get a jersey sponsor, the Kansas City on the front will go away.

  18. jimmy is not a loser. that hurts jimmy’s feelings.

  19. 1. Anon is lying or just being a butthead. I’ve seen the jersey, and this isn’t *terribly* far off. Step off.

    2. Davy had surgery. Why nothing was never announced about it, I have no idea…that isn’t my department.

  20. This is actually *very* far off from the real jersey. The real jersey does not feature anywhere near that much yellow. Not even close.

  21. please, please, please don’t make that the new shirt!!!

    we need to keep the shade of blue constant…change the blue back, change the stripes from yellow to white and I’d be happy (and that’s all that really matters, right?).

  22. I like the multiple shades of blue idea. I notice it on winter products alot. A powder blue with a royal blue working like black and white do with each other. Forget yellow though.

    Light Blue, Current Wizard Blue, black and white would be perfect.

    Then we could fill the stadium with blue, dark blue is the worst though, reminds me of the Revs, FCD, Chicago, RSL, Galaxy, SJ, etc.

  23. Someone who has seen it, is the color of blue right?

    I hate that dark of blue, not that OnGoal cares what I think.

  24. jd, they damn well better care what you think… and what jimmy thinks… and what everybody else thinks. if they don’t, and then they put out this garbage, they won’t make any money.

  25. There’s a holiday pack ad on that is using two different blues. A hint?

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