Jared Borgetti to Kansas City?

Update: If “RobbHeineman” really is Robb Heineman (Wizards President), then we will not be seeing Borgetti in blue next season.

Steven Goff, who is often right had the following to say this morning, “Reports in Mexico say Borgetti rejected offers in Ukraine and Russia and has been approached by Colorado and Kansas City.”

Borgetti is a Mexican legend currently standing as the all time leading goal scorer for the Mexican national team (43). However he is 34 years old now and only managed 2 goals in 413 minutes (9 games) during the 17 game Mexican fall season (below includes spring season as well). While there may be other factors last season holding him back that is way off for him and while Blanco is of similar age Borgetti does not look to have the same passion for the game as Blanco. I for one hope we go get an unknown Argentine with a mullet before an end of his career legend. Below is the team/stats for Borgetti over his career. If you don’t recognize the 2006 team it is because it is from Saudi Arabia, he was playing again Denilson that season, yes the same Denilson who is the biggest bust of the Designated Player rule so far. You can learn more about him at the Borgetti entry of Wikipedia.

Years Club App (Gls)*
Santos Laguna
Dorados de Sinaloa
Bolton Wanderers
Cruz Azul
063 0(21)
295 (189)
014 00(8)
015 00(8)
036 00(7)
015 0(10)
028 00(7)

9 Responses

  1. I’d take him, he still has some good years left and he might bring out Mexicans to the games who are always fun to cheer along side. Plus it would get us a little media spot light in this new DP era MLS. I’m for it!

  2. Not me, anyone who has spent any time in Saudi Arabia has obvious lost passion for the game and is only interested in money. I’ll support him if he comes, but I’d prefer we not be a date on his farewell tour.

  3. No thank you.

  4. If we don’t over pay, I may be into this.

  5. He’s kinda cute, why does 34 sound so old when discussing soccer?

  6. I wonder though would Mexican fans come out for him more than once? Does he have the draw of Blanco or even Hugo Sanchez back in the day? Anyone know of other well known Mexican players in MLS? Did it change the attendance at all? Also does it matter when we are in a 10,000 seat stadium? I guess it could make getting tickets tough, which is unheard of in MLS.

  7. The wizards are atrocious in the air especially around the goal both ends of the field. Borgetti would be very valuable in this role.

  8. If the price is right, take him.

    Need to know about Eddie.

    Denilson is now available.

    Toja is staying with FCD

  9. I’d rather have a great younger prospect. However, if the money is right, and his salary were bonus oriented, if might be a great fit.

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