Good News On Stadium

The Finance Committee voted unanimously to recommend the City Council approve the Bannister Redevelopment anchored by a new stadium for the Kansas City Wizards able to seat 18,500 persons. On Thursday the Council will vote and while it is too early to count chickens it is expected that the vote will be in favor of the redevelopment plan. If you wish to read about all the details head over to the Kansas City star to read their article on todays results. Article Here. Below are some drawings of the plans. Click on images to see large version. Continue to see another photo.



9 Responses

  1. Is that what the stadium will look like or just a place filler?

  2. Good news? Not sure it’s the best news.

  3. The stadium is filler.

    Why’s it not good news? As Robb Heinemann said on the radio today. The Bannister location is within a 10 minute drive of 750,000 people in the metro area. If they get it in podcast you should listen to his interview with Keitzman, it explains exactly why they want the stadium there.

  4. The good news is that the mayor is now on board after negotiations with the finance committee.

    Just a small quibble – it is the City Council, not Counsel.

  5. It’s good news if you don’t mind wearing kevlar to the games.

    10 minutes? Definitely not 10 minutes from the 500,000 people or more that live in Johnson County.

  6. Not that it’s worth responding to trolls, but…

    It is closer than Arrowhead to a lot of Johnson County and in a better part of the city than the Truman Sports Complex currently resides in.

    Johnson County had their chance to build the stadium. They passed. Those fans are used to driving 15-20 minutes for just about everything besides strip malls, big box retail, and restaurants.

  7. This looks awesome. I really hope this gets through, because I can’t wait to sit in those stands and cheer the Wizards on.

  8. A troll? Wow, you’re a friendly, good-will promoting, guy Szazzy.

    Hope you are representative of an efffort to win more fans for the Wizards.

    I won’t “troll” here any more. Sorry.

  9. you were called a troll because you didn’t have one good thing to say about the stadium. For most Wizards fans we feel this is a good thing as a whole and can find something nice to add even if it isn’t every one’s idea of perfection.

    it is however my idea of perfection.

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