Wizards Archrival

Every league and even every sport has its defining rivalries. Yankees vs Redsox, Raiders vs Chiefs, Texas A&M vs TU. While those are major rivalries there are also lesser known rivalries throughout all these leagues. In MLS there is Galaxy vs Chivas USA, Red Bulls vs DC United, FC Dallas vs Chicago/Houston, Colorado vs Real Salt Lake. The question though is who is our rival? Who do we hate?

I’ve poked around a bit and found some believe that our rival is Chicago, but why? Is there history with Fire that gives us any reason to hate them? Others seem to think it is DC that we hate, again why? It does seem that we should have a rival and that it should come from a history of often losing to or even better often beating a team in important games. Unfortunately, we don’t have much of a history with anyone. I looked in to our playoff history in the hope that I would discover who ought to be our natural enemy (below is our playoff history). The only real option according to this method is the LA Galaxy. We’ve both beaten LA twice and lost to LA twice in the playoffs, but their natural rivals are New York due to their race to collect the most Designated Players and Chivas USA since they share a home.

As far as Chicago goes as a rival I found it interesting that we’ve only played them once in a playoff match, we beat them in 2000 MLS Cup. We also beat them in the 2004 Open Cup. But is that enough to really make them are rival? (thanks for the info Kuhnscoot)

So let me suggest three options to focus our hatred on, Colorado, FC Dallas or another option yet.

Dallas because we are within driving distance for games, we beat them in our very first playoff game and because we could always hold our 2000 MLS Cup over their head seeing as they’ve never even played in the championship game.

The second option is Colorado who is also close enough to drive to, we have some history with them having beat them twice and lost to them once in the playoffs. Again we can taunt them with our 2000 MLS Cup.


Year Beat Lost to
1996 Dallas LA
1997   Colorado
1998 None  
2000 Colorado, LA  
2001   Miami
2002   LA
2003 Colorado San Jose
2004 SJ, LA, Chicago DC United
2005 None  
2006 None  
2007 Chivas USA Houston

The only other option is to wait. Wait for St. Louis to get a team and plan to hate them or wait until someone steps up and gives us a real reason to hate them. I’m sorry to say though after 12 years we still have no rival, no one seems to hate us and that is not a good thing in the sports world. Let’s hope On Goal will gives a team that is one day as hatable as the Yankees or the Redsox.


8 Responses

  1. I don’t see why we should have a rival, who cares about that sort of thing?

  2. I’d say Chicago. We have 4 points ever in Chicago. We’ve played them in 2 Cup finals. We have that embarassing 0-7 home loss to them. Diego Gutierrez. Our home games against them are memorable. It’s a team we have a hard time beating and want to beat.

    everyone hates DC and LA. Houston disliked for being the smurfs and they and FCD are rivals. Colorado sucks, why hate them. No reason to hate Crew or TFC.

    Chicago just makes sense if we had to pick one team. And STL will just make it all the better – a Hate Triangle.

  3. If they are our rival then something needs to be set up. Some fan group trophy to help fuel the rivalry.

  4. Their fans fuel it enough.
    We have 2 championships head to head, what more do we need?

    I think something set up with STL when they come around might be better….

    Besides, their fans, I don’t see them setting anything up with us.

    plus, we don’t need it.

  5. also – they don’t hate/dislike us as much

  6. After the Colorado tie game this year, I think our natural choice for a rivalry should be..
    the MLS officiating crews. They seem to have one against us. 🙂

  7. Or those in Johnson County can hate those near Bannister and The Legends area can hate those at Zona Rosa, we could just riot at every game, you know, give it a little English feel.

  8. St. Louis Suckfaces!

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