Oz City Quick Hits

  • Above is a shot of Harrington training with the national team this week in California.
  • Apparently (Du Nord) Eddie is thought to be going to Reading during the January transfer window.
  • Funkhouser hates the people who live near Bannister and all soccer fans. That might be a little biased, but you get the idea. Below is a link to the Kansas City Star article on the situation. The thing I don’t get is there is no tax revenue coming in right now with a closed mall and a rare closed Walmart and buildings designed to breed crime. So why would it hurt the city to give a tax break to people taking a risk to turn the slums around? I know that may be offensive, but lets call a duck a duck. Read the whole article here
  • I saw today that the Wizards have an official song, it is by Blackpool Lights and called Ain’t Nobody Gonna Stop Us Now. Not like a song they picked either, it is a song made for them with “Kansas City” “Boys in blue” and “Wizards” included in the lyrics. It’s cool in a late 80s early 90s sort of way, makes we want to wear a jean jacket. This again is why an official blog would be nice, to learn things like this hidden away on their website. Click here to hear it or download it. You can also check out their myspace page or Their website.
  • Updated: Coach Curt Onalfo has indeed been in Argentina scouting players in top flight clubs in Argentina, Chile and other South American clubs. He is not alone though as Jason Kreis, Tommy Soehn and Marco Ferruzzi  were also in attendance. Perhaps Onalfo will bring home the next Juan Toja  mullet and all.  (info via FC Dallas Updates)

7 Responses

  1. The Blackpool lights song has been out since about July. It’s been played at the end of most of the Wizards games late in the season.

  2. Sweet, I’ve never noticed it.

  3. I never knew we had a song, I kinda like, but I kinda like the 80s too. They should have them out to do a concert sometime.

  4. Any names of players we might be bring in from South America?

  5. I doubt we’ll know any names for a while. It’s also likely that any player we bring in won’t be a name player. I mean how many people had heard of Carlos Marinelli, Eloy Colombano, or even Juan Toja before last season?

  6. Is the January transfer window the time when this will most likely happen?

  7. Ain’t Nobody Gonna Stop Us Now is my ringtone- I really enjoy the song and it gets me pumped up.

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