Michael Harrington Engaged

Kansas City Wizards midfielder Michael Harrington took advantage of his brief break from the season to take care of more important business, proposing one week ago to girlfriend Katie Miller. The two met while in school at the University of North Carolina. Katie is an amazing golfer with numerous honors to her name in collegiate and amateur golf. The two plan to wed sometime next year when the schedule permits. Finding a time to wed may prove difficult between her golf and his MLS season with the Wizards. Add to that CONCACAF qualifying and hopefully the Olympics on tap for 2008 with the U23 US National team and the challenge is even greater. More photos below.


7 Responses

  1. That is the coolest picture ever! Plus she is hot!

  2. Wonder what they think of you doing this. You might get sued.

  3. Nice work Mike. It’s got to be embarrassing to be a professional athlete and still get regularly destroyed at golf by your wife.

  4. I might start watching golf now, will she be on the LPGA? She’d be the Anna Kanacorntova of Golf.

  5. What, are you going to start reporting on the bar mitzpha’s of various players former roomates next?

  6. Do you know of such an event?

    I was thinking I would post a picture of the next deer I shoot instead though. Either that or a history of the “soul patch.”

  7. Um…if this were a personal blog of yours (very exciting, I’m sure..NOT) then go ahead and report on such things…

    Hey, any word on when a Wizards player has a nephew who will be celebrating their first communion?

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