MLS Blog Guide


I’ve begun an MLS blog guide which will be a permanent page on this site listed to the left. This is a quick effort at this point. If you are not easily addicted to internet blogs go check some of these out, if you are don’t be and idiot and add more daily sites to check.

Link Here



2 Responses

  1. Why did you single Blue Blooded Journo out for having a posting gap when there’s other blogs on that list with similar dead periods?

    Right now, we have two writers and I’m currently figuring the roles of a few more for next season. If you don’t mind, could you please take that blurb out?

    Also, care for a link exchange?

  2. Hey. Do you want to add another blog to the ol’ MLS Blog Guide? Center Holds It does steady MLS content…I should know, seeing as I write it.

    Here’s a link:

    Good to see someone covering the KC beat…well, besides Down the Byline anyway.

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