Open Letter to the Wizards Front Office

I have no idea if anyone from the Front Office of the Wizards even reads this, but I figure eventually this letter could get before the eyes of the right people and some of these ideas could be implemented to the betterment of the organization. What is below is a plea for the Wizards to make being a fan of the Wizards a better experience.

Start a Team Blog – If you have never seen what this looks like check out the FC Dallas blog at Someone on staff keeps up with the blog and gets video, pictures and info from players and coaches that gives the reader a genuine sense of being a part of the team. When the team travels it is all documented on the blog; when a player goes to national team duty, often the player writes from location on there. When new players are being tried out it is on the blog. There are coach video interviews, player interviews, youth team information, reserve team results, “Cribs” style videos of players homes including big name guys such as Ruiz and post game comments from the players/coaches.

Info on the stadium development could be on there, Conrad could write from national camp, Harrington from U23 camp, we could see what the front office is like, meet the PR people, the owners, our coach, etc. All this adds up to give the fan a sense of knowing the team, which makes them more committed fans. The cost is only the staff guy/girl you put on heading it up and with a PR/Community relations position already being paid for you could assign this to them. The cost of the blog is free, you host video on youtube for free, you can use flickr to host photos for…yes, free. The new owners have been great and I have no doubt that if they knew their fans desired this they would work to get it done like they are doing with the stadium and new merchandise. Maybe they don’t realize that people are genuinely interested in this stuff–they are. I’ve had this blog for 23 days and no traditional means of promotion and had 5,500 visits. However this blog cannot do what an official blog can and I don’t have the time to keep covering kiosks and fields and community events, but I’d love to read about them as they happen.

If you would really like to see this happen let me suggest you email Greg Cotton (Executive VP of the Wizards) and ask for it, his email is If you are unsure go check out the FC Dallas blog (link above) and you’ll soon be sure you want it. If the FO does not know how to start this I volunteer myself to come and show you how to get set up. Neal Patterson, Clifford Illig, Pat Curran, David French, Greg Maday or Robb Heineman (members of OnGoal who owns the Wizards) please make this happen. Give us more access to the team we love.


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  1. We need a blog that the Dallas one, love what you are doing here, but that is sweet.

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