Community America Transition Stage I


While out at The Legends this morning I stopped by Community America Ballpark and took some pictures of the what it looks like so that over the winter we can see the transition that takes place. Today they are leveling the infield. Around May they will re-sod the entire field of Kentucky Bluegrass with Bermuda grass. Below are some photos of the field today, you can see there is going to be a bit of construction before this place is going to be able to sit 10,000 people. In the photo above you can see they are expanding the infield and leveling the surface, you can also see the fancy box seats above the common folk seats below. There are more photos inside this post.


Wider angle of main seats which will be a bit further from the field than the sideline seats at Arrowhead.


A higher view of the construction, you can also see a unique seating option to later be announced.


Dead center, there will be a cut in the wall according to the Wizards diagram where the Jay & Wolfe Chevy sign is.

Another angle

These are the cheap Grass Berm seats, that’s where I’ll sit.

Other section of Berm Seats

There are a few more in the flickr account, click on photos in left column to see those.


9 Responses

  1. David Beckham will be playing in a minor league baseball stadium, very sweet. Though I do wonder if they won’t rent Arrowhead for that one game.

  2. That stadium needs more seats, but I’m really looking forward to the small stadium after 11 years in Arrowhead’s huge environment. Nice pictures too, I had not seen the place yet.

  3. Dude, you are way obsessed.

    Beckham nothing…Viva Blanco!

  4. You are right, I am obsessed, I think I’ll stop now.

  5. uhhh…please don’t. We’re obsessed too or we wouldn’t be here.

  6. szazzy, you get the same stuff from Down the Byline.

  7. I visit Down the Byline regularly, and he contributes here as well (the player ratings post a few back). The analysis of the games etc. is not enough on it’s own. We need the off the field stuff too. There is so much about this team that isn’t covered.

  8. […] 2008: For the next two seasons the Wizards will be playing in Community America Park near the Legends. If not for news of new stadium being built this would be the most pathetic thing […]

  9. This should look much better than a mostly empty Arrowhead on TV and I bet it’ll be a better experience for players and fans at the game too.
    Really looking forward to seeing the games on broadband this summer.

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