2007 MLS Waiver Draft

At 2 p.m. Central Thursday the Wizards will draft 11th in MLS waivers draft. It is really not a good sign for anyone to find themselves in the waiver draft and for that reason most teams pass and don’t draft anyone, there are however a few key key names available in the draft tomorrow.

Laurent Merlin, Forward, Chivas USA – Merlin, a French native, had 1 goal and 2 assist in 806 minutes this season.  At $17,700 (listed salary) he would definitely be worth the risk, I do wonder with him as I do all the players available in this draft why he is not worth the risk to the Chivas anymore.

Ramon Nunez, Midfield, Chivas USA – Nunez has flashes of brilliance, he is quick, gets off quick shots, and is full of potential to be great. The problem is he is one of the most selfish players I’ve ever witnessed play the game. Two years ago while playing for FC Dallas he showed how little he cares about his team. When Collin Clark failed to use his third sub on Nunez he reacted by taring off his jersey and going to the locker room with 25 minutes or so left to go. That is anecdotal, but his whole attitude was a poison in the FC Dallas locker room, it doesn’t surprise me that Chivas USA is looking to unload him. It also doesn’t help that he makes $118,000 and managed 0 goals and 3 assist this past season.


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  1. So you are saying Merlin could be a Wizard?

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