Field Conversion of Community America

Article in the Kansas City Kansan about the process of converting Community America from a baseball only complex to one that can handle soccer as well. The grass will be bermuda and is immediately being made into a soccer field so that it is ready in the spring. Click here to read the article.


4 Responses

  1. Stands look a long way from the field. I don’t like it.

  2. The shape of the field makes the distances look bad, but the top row of CAB is still much closer than the top rows at Arrowhead Stadium. Overall, it will make for an intimate atmosphere.

  3. KC fans: good luck with the conversion to Community America park. Even though the configuration looks a bit odd from the graphic, I am sure it will be a huge improvement from Arrowhead and will wet your appetite for a real SSS. Good luck on your stadium plans. DCUnited Fan.

  4. Its a hard sell for me which is worse, playing in an oversized NFL stadium or a badly-fitting baseball stadium. I watched Fulham play the Miami Fusion lo these many years ago in a baseball facility, and it didn’t feel “major league” at all. I suppose the upshot is that the economics of a baseball stadium like this have got to be better than the rental on Arrowhead. I hope.

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