Harrington and Hohlbein Called in to US U-23 Camp


Michael Harrington and Aaron Hohlbein have been called in to U23 US National Team camp by Peter Nowak. The camp is in preparation of the teams’ trip to China and 2008 Olympic Qualifying, the final roster will be announced at a later date. While Harrington has seen youth national team duty in the past this is the first time for Hohlbein. Congratulations to both of them!

Update: Hohlbein’s name is missing in MLS article listing players going to camp. I hope this is a mistake as he is a great choice.


4 Responses

  1. How long before Hohlbein starts to see time over Nick Garcia? Our lack of size was exposed by the Dynamo in the Western Conference Final – and all season on set pieces.

  2. I think we get down on Garcia quick, but the guy can play. He’s been a mainstay in our back line for some time. That being said, Hohlbein has been coming along big time.

    I’m really hoping to see Pore progress next season.

  3. I don’t see a major problem with Garcia. Frankly, defense wasn’t our problem last year. Straight up.

    In fact, Garcia did a great job filling in for Conrad one of the games I watched. I’m all for getting Hohlbein in, I just don’t think Garcia should be faulted for poor D this year, definitely not his fault against the Dynamo. We have to score goals to win.

  4. For some reason Hohlbein was not listed on the MLSnet article about U23 team selections, any idea why?

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