Wizards Ward Parkway Center Kiosk

The kiosk above is another great idea implemented very well by the Wizards new ownership group, On Goal. (If by chance you, the owners, have seen this blog, thank you for your efforts with the Wizards, can’t wait to see what else you have coming our way.) I have some friends in town this week and we all decided to head down to Ward Parkway Center after learning that there was a free gift this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Above is the coupon to receive the free gift. The first thing I should say is due to the shooting at Ward Parkway Center last year there was some concern that the mall was a run down dump. It was not, in fact it was a great (although small) mall, has a Old Navy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc. As you can see above the kiosk is very visible to anyone in the mall due to the overwhelming blue of the Wizards gear. It was so visible in fact it makes me wonder why they don’t put these kiosk in a few malls and try to push season tickets from them: Oak Park Mall, The Legends, The Plaza, etc. Not sure how the second two would work being outside and all, but it would be great if it could work somehow. The variety of items is great and this weekend only everything is 25% off, so make it down there if you are able. Especially since nothing Wizards related can be found in a Dick’s store around town in spite their label of official merchandiser (please work to fix this FO).

The free gift was a Wizards key chain as seen below. While I missed the name of the girl (edit: it is Heather) working the booth, she was very nice to us all and spent some time talking to my two year old. Finally if you look close to the sign on the right above you will see a package for 5 Wizards tickets and a cool Wizards cushion seat. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere else, but might be a good gift to ask for if you are not already a season ticket holder.

I took more pictures of the kiosk and the products. If you wish to see the rest of the photos of the kiosk click here.

More Photos




3 Responses

  1. Nice, I may get by there tomorrow. Love all the new stuff they’ve made this year.

  2. I picked up some KC Wizards gear at a new soccer-only store in Lee’s Summit I found. It’s on 291, in between Chipman and Langsford in a shopping center. It’s called Soccer Zone.

  3. […] Saturday and Sunday Only! (click here to see the kiosk) […]

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