KC Bound?


Logan’s revenge has recently revealed that FC Dallas is looking to move Carlos Ruiz. He goes on to say that the two main suitors for him are the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Kansas City Wizards adding the qualifier that the Wizards would only be interested in Ruiz if Eddie Johnson is lost in the off season. Most expect that we are going to lose Eddie Johnson and will be needing to fill a hole at forward. The question is do we even want Ruiz if we lose Johnson?

The upside to Ruiz is he knows how to score. He’s shown that over the last five years scoring 67 goals and 16 assist in 131 competitive(MLS, Open Cup, Playoffs) games for the Galaxy and FC Dallas combined. The concern is that in 2007 he only scored 9 goals in 25 competitive games (full stats). This past year he came into camp so fat that it took until the playoffs for him to really get back to his typical weight. If we were to go out and get him he would bring excitement on the field as he often scores anything but ordinary goals (Check video below), but we may also get a fat guy who doesn’t care if his team wins. Having followed his career in recent years with FC Dallas I will say he can be a poison in the locker room due to his often missing from practice and games for reasons even the coach does not know. Two years ago he was missing and gave taking care of family issues as his reason, only a newspaper in Guatemala photographed him as the scheduled celebrity at the grand opening of a Hooters restaurant.

I personally hope we pass on Ruiz as he tends to either score a bunch and be a poison in the locker room or he is great in the locker room and doesn’t show up on the field such as in 2007.

Having said that I do believe Ruiz will in the end play along side David Beckham in LA since the league need LA to succeed and Ruiz is a guy that can get on the end of Beckham’s crosses. It also helps that like Eddie and Landon Johnson Ruiz will not count as a Designated Player in 2008 although his salary is over 400K.

Ruiz Back Heal Goal

Ruiz “Cribs” style Video


4 Responses

  1. Ruiz is a great finisher, but he doens’ t have the speed necessary to play with KC’s current long ball scheme. Ruiz would work if we beefed up the midfield.

    Hey, better than this option- is Blanco available?

  2. Blanco would be sweet!

  3. Isn’t “back” heel redundant? Can you have a front part of your heel? Only when poor American soccer commentators polluted the game did “back” heel every become mainstream. It’s been a heel kick since inception.

  4. Ruiz has lost a step or 3. I’d take him if we didn’t have to give up anyone worth a damn.

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