KC Wizards vs US Marines

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This morning the Kansas City Wizards took on the United States Marines in the second annual IHOP Pancake Battle for the cause of Toys for Tots. I brought my wife and child to watch event since there are still a few months before we will see the guys on the soccer field again. Today was one of the moments where I realize what a joy it is to be self aware that I am one of those dorks that is getting away from work to take video and pictures of a Pancake Battle.

The players (Nick Garcia, Ryan Raybould, Jimmy Conrad) were really welcoming, especially Jimmy Conrad who saw us waiting awkwardly and came to talk to us. He has a six month old girl and asked about my son. When we left my wife shared with me how glad she was he did ask our son’s name as it is Beckham, yeah, like David Beckham, but we aren’t big fans of his, just love the name. It was really great to see the guys off the field taking there time to come out and take part in a community event like this. They are very accessible and Conrad even made a fake public service announcement that I asked him to make to tease a friend about something. Perhaps in the future I’ll put that clip up as well.

The actual competition was divided into three parts each done by one player, the first had Ryan Raybould flipping pancakes for 30 seconds with the most flips winning. He lost 52 to 47 to the Marine. The second competition had Jimmy Conrad stacking pancakes for height in 30 seconds. His stack had the integrity of the leaning tower of pisa, but managed to stay up much like the tower of pisa. Conrad won tying the game at 1-1. Nick Garcia battled the Marines in the final event consisting of filling syrup bottles and screwing on the lid. His plan was to fill many bottles and then screw on lids. Problem is he ran out of time for screwing on the lid and lost 2 bottles to 1. The final score was also 2-1 in favor of the Marines. So if you have ever wondered who would win in a battle between the KC Wizards and the US Marines now you know. Below is video and links to the rest of the pictures.


4 Responses

  1. While the event was great today, there was bad news having learned that Davy Arnaud is out for 5-7 months as he recovers from some sort of injury related surgery. I look forward to him recovering and getting back on the field.

  2. This is great stuff! Thanks for the coverage. Davy out 5-7 is definitely not good. He’s going to have a tough offseason it sounds like.

  3. You are one of those geeks for sure.

    But… Conrad and Garcia are cool. Can’t wait for the season to start again!

  4. […] fun it is to follow the them individually and the team as a whole. After my wife met Conrad at the Marines Pancake thing a while back and experienced what a nice guy he is, she became more interested in him, national […]

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