2008 Team Colors

You may have noticed already that I am obsessed with team jerseys. I like to see unique colors and designs implemented into MLS teams’ colors and jerseys. That being said, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for any news as to what On Goal will do with their first opportunity putting together the Wizards’ jerseys since taking over in late 2006.

I have reason to believe the Wizards will use some combination of the colors above in the 2008 jerseys. If you have not noticed yet almost every MLS team has an advertisement on their homepage for 2008 season tickets. Each of these advertisements uses the team’s official colors except one. That is right, the Wizards advertisement uses colors we’ve never seen on Wizards jersey before: the two shades of blue, yellow and white seen above. The yellow we already know has been shown to Jose Burciaga Jr and others earlier in the season and the new shades of blue go along with often spoken of (at least among fans) two shades of blue. I took these suspicions to a few people who may know and I was given very elusive responses leading me to believe there really is something to this.

My personal belief is that we will see a home jersey using the blue on the far right as the primary color and an away jersey with the yellow as the primary color, or that our away jersey will once again be white with a third jersey using the yellow. I’m hoping for all three jerseys, it would be a bold move of On Goal to give us three jerseys- something that is common in Europe and yet has never been done with the Wizards before.

Having said this, it is common knowledge that there will be a re-branding of the team in 2010 (or whenever) when they move into their new stadium (God-willing in Banister). Which makes adding colors to the team for two seasons an odd decision, yet one I personally applaud in spite of my pulling for green to be added rather than yellow. Do you like these colors? Does it bother you that they are so similar to the new Galaxy colors?


13 Responses

  1. I don’t care much for these. I would go for green depending upon the shade of it and really I’m a big enough fan that I would buy a yellow one, but don’t see it as ideal. Watching the MLS Cup today I saw how great it was to have a distinct color like orange where the fans were easy to see. Green would do that well in this league. Navy blue like above is horrible for that, it blends with everything, it might as well be invisible. I prefer our current colors of the two on the right and black over this change.

  2. You are obsessed.

    The colors are O.K., I just wish the Wizards would get a meaner looking logo.

  3. Thou shalt not covet…

  4. SoB

    Thall shall not covet thy neighbor’s team

  5. Just cause we don’t have a team YET does not mean you can just steal our colors

  6. First, yes it does, no team yet, no colors yet. But we don’t want your lame LA Galaxy colors anyway. I here the navy is actually the current black, we added yellow. Keep your dumb colors for your team that doesn’t actually exist.

  7. Why dont Americans get this about soccer, your team kits are supposed to reflect where your team is from. Soccer is so passionate because it has a closer connection than it is just a sport. It is dumb to just pick colors because they look “cool” or for whatever other reason.

  8. looks like the galaxy to me… come up with something original! and change the name


    Seriously, own your colors. KC’s blue is relatively unique, as unique as blue can be in MLS, at least.

    And, trust me, I understand the obsession. Hell, I’m not only a member of this message board, I’m a moderator:


    (PS–St. Louis NOW!)

  10. Teams in England change their kits every few years.

    As for the colors above, they look too much like the LA Galaxy’s kit. I’d prefer a name change more so than a change in colors. JMO.

  11. I agree with the color change….you need at least three colors. In my mind, I’d been playing it out already and was happy the Wizards ownership has the magical ability to read minds with adding the yellow and going with lighter blues. I wouldn’t even mind going with more of a powder blue.

  12. Paying homage to the old Royals powder blues that everyone in KC loves!!!

  13. I really would like to see a lighter blue, the Argentines that have in the Cauldron this year wear their national colors often and I think they look great. I do like the hint of yellow as well so long as it is more yellow and less that nasty Sprint yellow.

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