2008 Wizards Jersey Talk

    Peter Grathoff posted on Tor! Tor! Tor! this week that Jose Burciaga, Jr gave him some information during the summer regarding a “third” jersey the wizards would be wearing in the future. There is also rumor that Sprint will be the sponsor on the Wizards jersey come 2008. This is very possible given Sprints’ home office is in Overland Park, which is where the Wizards practiced this season while awaiting their Swope Park home.

    I for one like the Sprint deal as it would give us a legitimate company on the front of our jersey where some company must inevitably sit. I like to see things visually so I made this poor quality mock up using “Sprint Yellow” to get an idea of what this third jersey might look like. Provided this is a third jersey or away jersey I like it. Someone in MLS needs to take up using colors distinct from “team colors” for their third jersey’s similar to Arsenal (yellow), Manchester United (Blue) and Barcelona (everything). What are your thoughts on a jersey similar to the one above? What colors would you like to see the Wizards switch to when they rebrand in 2010?


8 Responses

  1. perhaps this way eddie johnson can look down at his shirt for a reminder of what to do on the field.

    and one correction, the wizards new practice facility is called swope park.

  2. Not sure I like that color of Yellow, but the idea of a third jersey which is very different from the blue and white is something I would buy. I’m not sure I’ll upgrade my jersey to a new white or blue. I assume it would look better than this mock up as far as details.

  3. Perhaps we should get a sponsorship with “Score a goal in the playoffs” so Eddie can look down at his jersey and know what to do instead.

  4. The third jersey is a good idea, yellow? no thanks, how about a revert to the 97′ jerseys with the rainbow across the chest. I am all for the wizards getting a jersey sponser, but sprint? come on, do you really want a global company who represents all that is wrong in this world across the chest of our boys in blue? i dont. I would like to see a local company sponser the boys, such as Boulvard Brewing Co. or Hallmark.

  5. The rainbow chest jerseys were some of the ugliest ever made. While I still have mine for retro and nostalgia purposes, there is no way I want that jersey to be remade. We’re phasing out the rainbow, let it die.

    As for Sprint, if they’re willing to pay the team good money for it, I don’t have a problem with it. While I’d love to see Boulevard on it, I won’t lose sleep if it’s Sprint.

  6. Agreed, the rainbow were the worst ever. I really like the blue on the new (rainbow free) logo. It is lighter than the color of the current jersey. I’m hoping that the new jerseys are the lighter color of blue. It is exciting to know we are getting a new jersey this next year.

  7. I still think green would be nice, but I’m weird.[/noob]

    Yellow as a THIRD JERSEY is fine. Yellow as anything else is a BIG mistake. Especially if Sprint pulls a Red Bull.

  8. Green would be sweet.

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