Independent Wizards Coverage Coming Soon

2004 Open Cup


Over the next few months this site will become the home of Independent Kansas City Wizards Coverage. Having been a fan of FC Dallas for the past five years I have become accustomed to great independent coverage through the website, now living in Kansas I’ve come to support the Wizards. However there is very little information on the team so I am taking it upon myself and seeking help from others to put together the ultimate site covering all things related to the Wizards.


3 Responses

  1. oz city ?
    Hm. KC fans have done a LOT to shed the Wizard of Oz affiliations…

    I love how 3rd Degree name was related to the Burn. Maybe something a bit more professional? Sure, maybe something Wizard related … but the Oz thing really rubs some the wrong way.

    Then again, I don’t have any suggestions.. I do like something like “Fountain City” but that’s as far as my thinking goes on it for the moment.

  2. I personally like the Wizard of Oz connection. There is a great deal of imagery from the books that could be used by the team and supporters that is less obvious than say the Fire making references to fires. Anyway I hope to get this really up and running this off season. Even if you hate the name perhaps you’ll enjoy the coverage.

  3. Thanks. We need more independent coverage of the team! If this site becomes half of, we’ll be in good shape.

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